December 6, 2004

Review of: Dream On Sill Dreamer

Animated Cookbook has a review of the documentary "Dream On Silly Dreamer" and the review is quite good. I can't wait to see this film. I like this aspect of the review:

But this is no "sour grapes" account. Nor is this documentary the detailed "tell-all" history of the Disney management miscalculations and machinations that lead to the Animator's Trail of Tears (...a drama we hope is one day committed to film as well...).

I'm very glad to hear that the film will be a positive account of what happened and just a bunch of bitching and moaning. Although all the animators who went through this have every right to bitch and moan.

Apparently Roy Disney saw the film as well:

Roy says, "I was recently given the privilege of viewing 'Dream On, Silly Dreamer,' and I have to say how very human a face it puts on an institutional tragedy... the slow, cruel an insidious death of Disney Animation over the past several years under Michael Eisner. It should be seen by everyone who still believes in the magic of Disney. These are the people who made it happen. Their treatment was appalling."

Check it out:

I can't wait to see this movie myself!

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