April 28, 2006

Richard's The Thief and the Cobbler on You Tube!

Holly CR@POLA! Someone put the original, never finish Richard Williams version of The Thief and the Cobbler up on You Tube. Well..it's the cobbled together version of the film never have being finished. Disney said that they were going to release a DVD of this film as an unfinished masterpiece. But Disney doesn't appear to be doing this anytime soon. I would imagine that Disney would try and shut this down so see it while you can. It's cut into parts so it could be played on the web of course. Some truly great animators worked on this film. IMHOP everyone should check this out. Keep in mind this production was done over the span of around 26 years. There's no CG Animation in this, all those mad camera moves are done by hand. Crazy!

If Video doesn't work, go here:




yaprak said...

Hi Ethan!
This is Yaprak, your turkish student from the Maya course in Viborg, 2005. Thank you for sharing the theif and the cobbler with us!! I read about it on the english part of our turkish animation forum http://www.cizgifilmci.com/homepage/ take care and best wishes to you and your family!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for featuring my project! This is Garrett ... I'm the one doing the restoration. Editing is going well, should be done this week actually!

My email is tygerbug at yahoo.com.

MaaB said...


I was looking for a website about Glen Keane and I discovered your blog, very good!
Thanks for Richard Williams' movie. I added you in my links.
Just a question, How do you put videos in your posts?

Darrin Hofmeyr said...

Thank you, thank you.
I saw this nine years ago at University. Now I get to see it again... *Sniff* so much better than the crap DVD I have with stupid voice overs...

Thanks to Garrett too.
Awesome quality and sound.

Ethan said...

Its easy to put video in a post. You Tube and Google both give you a script for embeding video in a blog post, you just upload the video to You Tube or Google and then look for the directions for "Embed Video".

tygriffin said...

I just saw on Wikipedia that an "unofficial dvd" version of the Thief and the Cobbler was released last week:

"On May 10, 2006, "The Thief and the Cobbler: Recobbled Cut" was completed and made available on an unofficial DVD, with special features including "Deleted Character" scenes, crew interviews, trailers and extensive photo galleries."

I haven't seen it in stores yet, but I'll be looking. :)

MaaB said...

Hey I didn't see your help for videos, I found the solution on my own but thank you very much!
Well you are busy now, that's great for you, I'll try to see movies you are working on.
Hope you'll show us what you do!
See ya!

Quintus said...

Hello, I absolutily love this work! It´s awesome that you guys recobbled this movie!

Can anybody tell me where I can get one of these unofficial DVD´s?

Please contact me:
email: inorcist_artist@yahoo.com
website: www.quintus.duodoorgedraaid.nl

Thanks, Quintus.

Anonymous said...

This version misses one of the most amazing scenes in the movie, which I saw on English television when I was visiting London in the fall of 1988. I suspect it was an episode of "The South Bank Show" hosted by Melvin Bragg. Anyway, the scene must have been an expanded version of the atmospheric but very short introduction that the recobbled version starts with. In it, one has the powerful, incantatory narration while looking from a distance at the golden city. The camera or shot moves into the city in an amazing, surreal, hallucinatory and spiralling way, as if created with the most complex dolly shot in all of history, although it's all done by animation, of course. It was absolutely magical. I thought the narrator for that scene was Vincent Price, which would explain the drawings of the wizard's hands which one sees in the recobbled version's opening.

If I had to review the film: First of all, it's great to see this masterpiece, or the remains of a masterpiece, in some sort of recognizable form. I saw the execrable American butchering in the 1990s, and every moment, every second of that made me squirm with displeasure. Here, I'd say that the best parts are the scenes of evil, with their deep, saturated colors and visionary power. The comical and heroic characters generally have a cutesy feeling, and a lot of the shots of the golden city, all candy-colored pastel and soft-focus drawing, look rather dated in a 1960s/1970s way. But the scenes of evil are undying classics.

If you are not burning a CD and you simply want to view the movie, you only need to download 4 .vob files from the numerous files in the bittorrent: vts_01_1.vob, vts_01_2.vob, vts_01_3.vob, and vts_01_4.vob. That should save you some on download time.

Then you might want to do what I did, which was to convert the .vob files to .mpg files. I used my free file conversion software from eRightSoft, and then watched the files with Windows Media Player, which all worked out fine.

If someone has better movie making software than I have, or is more skilled than I am, maybe it would be a good idea to make the four .mpg files, then splice them together and then post the film as a zipped file at Rapidshare.