December 11, 2008

Squirrel's fighting, Awsome Insperation

I found these awesome pictures of squirrel's fighting on the web. I thought I'd share them for inspiration. The photos were taken in Africa by award-winning British photographer David J. Slater.

Check out these great action photos of a couple squirrels fighting. They're really impressive. It's often tough to read a squirrel's face but there's no denying the expression on that first one. I like how the line of action blends in from the one on the bottom to the one on the top. Great composition and silhouette.

You can really feel the impact on that squirrel's face, and it's a great read on the other one bighting it's ass.

Again I love how the line of action flows from one squirrel to the next as this one tries to get away. See how the arms flow though the pose of the squirrel pushing off the ground. The tail up makes it look like he doesn't want to get bitten again, but it still arks back as the force pushes it back. Great stuff.


mattanimation said...

those are pretty sweet! thanks for the link!

David Lyman said...

If its all the same squirrels then I think that its a domestic dispute. In the first photo, the one knocked back is a female. But then she comes back in the second photo and bites the male in his butt (note his "acorns"). The last foto he's "the heck wit this" and takes off for the pub.

Vibeke said...

Fantastic pictures! They reminded me of an animated short I saw called "Our wonderful nature, the water shrew". Here's a YouTube link
It's defiantly worth watching!