March 18, 2005

Animation Blog Roundup

So I haven't been posting very much while I look for a new house to live in. But that doesn't mean I haven't been keeping up with my favorite blogs. I thought I'd post a list of new blogs that have popped up that I like.

I highly recommend using some sort of RSS agitator to keep up with the blogs you read. It saves you a lot of time. Every time someone updates their blog you get a notice. I use Bloglines, but there's a lot of different websites you can use. I like Bloglines because it has a lot of neat tools, and you can do searches on only the blogs you subscribe to. Very useful.

Anyhoo, here's the list:
<--I can't believe how cool this one is!

Woops, Just Added:

My friend Jason Schleifer reminded me that I forgot his:

Woops again;

Crap! I didn't list: "The Ward-O-Matic" because I thought I had included it in the first Animation Blog Roundup. I've been following Ward Jenkins's blog for about as long as P.O.V. has been around, so it surprised me that when I didn't see it in my archives. This list wasn't supposed to replace the first, it was just to add to the ones that I had already listed. Sorry Ward, don't cry.


jason said...

heya ethan!

you missed my latest journey into blog-dom..

lotsa blabbin, but some good animation stuff.


David said...

Hah! Excellent lists and some very talented people. Thanks a ton, just so much reading to do now :d

Ward Jenkins said...

I would raise a stink, too, but oh well....Forgotten again....*sniff sniff* *sobs incessently*......

Keith Lango said...

submitted for your consideration... Figured whilst folks are in the self plug mode I'd hop on. :o)
Good to see you posting again after the move. Enjoy the house hunting, if you can do such a thing in LA. Heh.


Ethan said...

Actually I had not heard of Keith Lngo's Blog before this. It looks pretty cool and I'll be adding it to my Bloglines list. I know that there's a lot of blogs out there, and I'm always looking for new ones. Feel free to send me you blog url, but as for the list, I think I'm going to have to pinch it off here before it gets too crazy. I'll make another "Blog Roundup" later on.