March 23, 2005

In The Rough, by Blur Studios

This is probably old news to a lot of you, but new to me. I finally saw the short film "In the Rough" by Blur Studios. I quite like it, it has really good posing and snappy timing. Great job guys! Check it out:

Also I understand that Blur studios has a feature film deal that's being funded by Vin Diesel himself. This isn't the first time that a big named actor pushed out an animated film with their name on it. Think: "Eight Crazy Nights" or "Rover Dangerfield". Anyone care to chime in and say if it's true? Is Blur doing a film with Vin Diesel?

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Anonymous said...

It's true. has this blurb from Variety: "Vin Diesel's One Race Films production company is partnering with Blur Studio to make a CGI feature based on the independent animation house's short Rockfish.

Variety says Diesel will voice a lead character in the sci-fi actioner, which will likely be aimed at a more mature audience than most studio-produced digitally animated pics. The actor also voiced Brad Bird's The Iron Giant.

One Race is now seeking independent financing for the production, which it hopes to bring in for under $30 million. Diesel's Tigon Studios may produce a game connected to the feature.

Diesel will produce with One Race partner George Zakk and Blur creative director Tim Miller, who wrote and directed the short and will helm the feature.

The project is about a man on an alien planet trying to catch a giant "rock fish" that lives underground and disrupts the planet's miners."