July 12, 2005

Heading to the Con

I'm heading to the San Diego Comic Con tomorrow. I find it funny that some people at work know when and where Siggraph is but they don't know anything about the San Diego Comic Con is. And while other people know all about the Con but don' t know anything about Siggraph. If I had to chose to only go to one, I'd choose the Con. I used to volunteer at Siggraph when I was in High School. Back then it was awesome. I got to see the Electronic theater, all the floor show, I could go to any lecture I wanted, the art show. I found it to be a lot of fun. But these days I just can't afford to go, it's just to expensive to get in for me to consider going. I could get Sony to sponsor me for a ticket that just gets you in the door, but I wouldn't find that ticket to be worth while. The Comic Con on the other hand lets me get the pro-badge for free. Again I can do anything I want, go to the exhibit hall, go to any lecture and visit the art show all for free.

I don't mean to come off as such a freeloader, the hotel rooms in San Diego are steep enough.

Anyhoo, I'll be bringing my camera and I'll post lots of pictures here.

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tygriffin said...

I actually went to Comic-Con for the first time this year. Usually I do go to SIGGRAPH but I couldn't afford it this year (had a free place to stay in San Diego, too). Comic-Con was much more interesting than I had expected! Had a great time and actually got to meet and talk with artists whose work I'd admired for some time. Totally cool.