July 22, 2005

Please allow me to toot my own horn:

Look who's in The American Chronicle, that's right it's me!
They interviewed me for my work on Shrek 2. Check it out:



Anonymous said...

This Bell person hasn't the faintest idea what character animation is all about....I mean, comeon..."To what movies have you contributed your especial effects"!!!!

Benjamin De Schrijver said...

"special effects"...


Even after you pointed out that you weren't in that field, she still couldn't stop!

- Benjamin

cassidy said...

So, but, you never answered the question: how long have you been doing special effects? ;-)

Ethan said...

Who says my effects are that special?
Maybe I do normal effects, or above avrage effects.

In any case, I've been doing commonplace effects for about 3 years. I hope to work on "in vogue" effects next year.