August 22, 2005

DAMMIT, Tablet Envy

A friend of mine flew down for my daughter's first birthday. She's a good friend of mine from way back. I knew that she had just bought a tablet PC, and I knew that she was going to bring it with her. After Jason's and Jim's posts on tablet PCs I knew it was something I would like. But I also knew they were bloody expensive. I had a really bad experience buying an over price computer so I didn't want to get burned again. I wanted to resist it, I really didn't want to see the darn thing. I've got a very fine sketchbook after all. What do I need with a expensive gadget. She showed it to me, I stayed up tell two in the morning playing with it.

Now my only question is which one should I get?

I must reasearch.

I get you back for this Mel...


jim said...


Just a heads up - none of the Tablets available now will be able to display the super-slick graphics of Windows Vista next year - the gfx cards are just not powerful enough.

Something to think about...

Anonymous said...

Hold out. Wacom is coming out in the next year or so with it's own competively priced tablet PC.

Supposed to feature better ergonimic design with buttons much like the Cintiq's. They'll provide fast menu access or playback controls for an animation program.

Plus the pen sensitivity will be what we come to expect from Wacom. Could be worth the wait.

Ethan said...

Holly crap, a tablet from Wacom. That could be really good. Your right it could be worth the wait.