August 25, 2005

Waiting for a Tablet PC

Everyone is telling me to wait a little while before buing a tablet PC. I find this frustrating, I'm already to buy one today. I'm pretty sure I want a slate model and I've pretty much decided that the TC1100 or the LE1600 is the right one for me. I am tempted by the Toshiba M4 because of the faster graphics card, higher resolution and 14 inch monitor. But I think it would weigh to much, I really want to use it to do observational sketches and I don't think I'd drag around a big heavy laptop to do that with.

But I think I'll wait a couple months to see if the graphics cards improve. If the LE1600 had better resolution I don't think I would need to wait, but we'll see.

I do like the idea of Wacom coming out with at tablet PC though.

I did find a couple useful links regarding tablet PCs:

Here's a pretty active forum where you can ask other tablet owners about their computers:

This is Chad Essley's blog, he's a cartoonist and a big fan of the tablet, he has a cool demo video of his experiences:

And of course if you haven't seen it already there's Jim's post on "Why Every Animator Should Own A Tablet PC

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