January 26, 2006


I showed Totoro to my daughter for the first time this week. She's a year and a half so I didn't know if she would like it or not. I was especially worried about the beginning, I thought it might be too slow or boring for her. But she was glued to it from the start. I think it's because she really liked watching Mei more then any other character. I assumed when I started to play it for he that the big Totoro would be her favorite but she really seemed to be into the kids more. That didn't stop her from giggling up a storm when the first two little Totoros started showing up. I was impressed, it really is a good movie. I didn't have an english copy of the film so it was all in Japinise. That didn't seem to matter.

Watching my cartoon collection with Quinn has started to be one of my favorite things to do with her. I really like to see what it is that she is reacting to. So far she seems to have good taste in Cartoons.


Susi said...

All childrean have a very good taste!
I get mad at those who think that children are stupid and just like everything you give to them!
As you probably are realizing to the fullest now that you have one and live so close to her, children are smart, they understand everything, and very quickly too, and have a very good taste...
And yes, Totoro is a fantastic movie!

adam said...

hey ethan,

its a great film, i bought it in
shanghai, for about $2 and all the miyasaki films, do you remember me, i was the guy that ended up working out there for Ubisoft. i;m now in Montreal...but i did the same as you , showed it to my twin boys and they loved it..very beautiful film,

Manton Reece said...

Wow, interesting that it could hold her attention at only one and a half years. Totoro is one of the best films for young children I've ever seen. Same with Kiki. I only wish my five-year-old daughters would give Spirited Away a chance (too scary).

And I agree with Susi, kids do have great taste in quality films. The problem is, most children will watch anything if you sit them in front of it, even junk, but that doesn't mean they can't tell the difference and appreciate the good stuff.

Dan said...

That's precious.

And what a good movie!

Josh Bowman said...

I first saw Totoro when I was 21 and it's one of my favourite animated films, I'm really hoping Disney do the DVD release justice.

Josh Carrollhach said...

Totoro is my personal favorite. The early American version, however, is sad stuff. I am so glad that Ghibli is now available so widely (in Target, for cryin' out loud!) and that this lovely film will be given the royal treatment at last. Can't wait for Howl's, either!