November 20, 2009

Lost And Found by Studio AKA

My family has been a big fan of the book Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers. I was very pleased to see that Studio AKA produced the short film of the book. AKA has done some really nice work in the past. Judging by the the trailer it looks like they did a good job sticking to the style of the book while bringing it into 3D.


Olivier Ladeuix said...

there is a DVD with a making of available on Amazon. I haven't bought it yet but it is selling for very cheap.

Ethan said...

Thanks for the tip Olivier. It looks like it's available on Amazon UK, I wonder if it will become available Amazon USA or if it's region free or something.

Sruli broocker said...

Unfortunately it's not region free. Man, it looks so good. I love Studio AKA's style.