April 19, 2005

Jamie Hewlett and the new Gorillaz video


This may be old news to some of you, but I finally got around to seeing the new Gorillaz video "Feel Good Inc". And it is so very good! (Video Details)

I've allwase been more of a Jamie Hewlett fan then a Gorillaz fan. In fact, I'm a bit lukewarm about the Gorillaz music in general. Sometimes I think it's good, sometimes I don't care for it much. But that didn't stop me from collecting every Gorillaz CD ever put out, including all the singles and crap. I can't say that about any other band I listen to. And its all because they put their videos as quicktimes on the CDs. At the time, there was no other way to get a copy of them and I just had to see them over and over again. (Later they put out a DVD)

Jamie Hewlett can draw like no one I else. I've loved his work sense I was first introduced to Tank Girl. He has an amazing sense of draftsmanship and character design with a strong attention to detail. I love the fact that Jamie is involved in animation, but Passion Pictures should be given a lot of the credit. They produced the animation for the Gorillaz videos. True the animation is limited, but I have to say this is the smartest thing they did with the videos. They were smart enough to let Jamie's design sell most of the work, only animating what needs to be done, and and animting it well. The results are fantastic.

Just like the others, I'll be picking up the new CD when it comes out his May. (Of course it will have to wait until I get back from Denmark.)

If you like this kind of thing, you should check out Pictoplasma Conference on Contemporary Character Design and Art. It's a cool conference with Gorillaz type design work. It was profiled on Cartoon Brew here and here. Cool Stuff!


Ward Jenkins said...

That's cool that you mentioned Jamie and his work with the Gorillaz. Fantastic stuff. I loved checking out the penciltests in the DVD. I was going to mention about all this, even Passion Pictures, on my blog, but that's very cool that you went ahead and did it first. Saves me time!

matt e said...

Gorillaz was the reason i wanted to work at passion. I'm a cg animator and dont work on the vids but there is always a buzz around the studio when Gorillaz is in production. They just started boarding out the next one - should be good.