May 12, 2005

Day Two of Denmark Animation Class

Today is day two of my animation class. Yesterday was great. The students are eager to learn, eager like the way I remember we were when I was a student at CalArts. This school reminds me a lot of CalArts, except that there are 18 students. There was well over 100 students when I went to school (around 25-30 students per teacher in each classroom).

yesterday I ran into Lawrence Marvit, he's teaching over here as kind of an artist in residence. I know Lawrence from CalArts. He left Pixar to create his own graphic novel named Sparks. He's working on his new comic book, he let me see some pages of it, I have to say the artwork looks quite good. It was funny running into him. I had not seen him in years and didn't expect to see him. Small world. The artist in residence thing sounds quite tempting, apparently they have a few people say here and work on their own films or comic books, just as long as they teach on the side. It's something I want to keep in mind if I ever have something of my own that I want to create.

yesterday in my class I went over the basics of lipsink and talked about the different approaches to lip sink. I showed examples from Family Dog and other cartoons. Today is my technical class. I'm going to focus more on how to break down your audio, I hope I don't bore them too much.

As far as Denmark goes, the place is quite nice to look at. The food is great, I now know why they call it a Danish. And the Espresso is real nice!


melanie said...

wow.. blast from the past.
Tell him i say "Hi."

Marie Thorhauge said...

I assume you are talking about the Animation Workshop? wow. I am a first year there now :)