May 10, 2005

Here in Denmark

I landed in Denmark about four hours ago. Tim, the director of the animation program, gave me a tour of the school, I met with the students, and the students made me an amazing dinner.

The school looks amazing. It reminds me of my old calArts days. Lots of drawings on the walls, the students seem supper excited to learn. It's great, it has a lot of energy to it. I just hope I can be as energetic as I fight jetlag and teach my first class tomorrow.

The school has a lot more going on for it then I originally realized. The have a lot of artist in residence kind of classes, so there's a lot more then just computer animation. There's stop motion, and traditional animation going on as well. They're also expanding, two new buildings just went up so they can have more students. I'm super excited about it.

The flight was all right. The school bought me the tickets, so the airline was different then I was used to. I'm used to an American airline flying to Europe, this one was definitely a European airline flying away from America. All the announcements were in German first, and English last. They served wine and tea during the whole flight, and the food was smaller. I had sausage and bread at the airport as soon as I landed. Yep, it was good.

I had to pack up our temporary apartment and move into our house on Sunday night. Then Monday I moved into the house and got on the shuttle to LAX. I only got 3 hours sleep before I left, and I've been trying to stay up sense then, so I'm very tired.

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