May 16, 2005

My Weekend in Denmark

So I screwed up this weekend. All week I was thinking about how I wanted to rent a car and drive around. Then when I go to rent a car I find that all the car rental agency's are all rented out. No cars. I reserve one for next weekend so I don't run into the same problem, but that doesn't solve anything for this weekend. So Saturday I decide to check out the town that I'm teaching in. Viborg, it's a small town but there are some shops and interesting pubs. Little did I know that at 2:00 everything shuts down for the weekend. I'm not kidding, when I say shuts down, it shuts down and stays down until Monday. Except for a couple restaurants the whole town is closed, if you've ever seen the beginning to the movie "28 Days Later" you'll know what I mean by closed. What to do? I spend most of the day planning my trip for Sunday.

Sunday I head to go to Århurst I take the train and check out some of the museums. The art museum in Århust is quite nice, and there's a place called: Old Town that's nice. Old Town is this outdoors museum, where they've restored a section of town into it's sixteenth century glory, complete with cotton gin, one room schools, boat shops and gift shop. It has a lot of places where, you get to see how they turned raw cotton into cloths, barley into beer. You get to marvel as the old toilets and lacy beds. Think of it as a permanent renaissance fair, without the England, or the renaissance, actually it's nothing like renaissance fair, forget that I said that. To me, the Old Town reminds me of a Star Trek episode where they land on planet: "Sixteenth Century Denmark", (or for all of you born after 1980: The Holodeck Program gone terribly, terribly wrong).

There's also an interesting shopping district, but of course it too is closed, So I walked my feet off in Århust and head home to a couple beers, a hot bath and a subtitled movie staring a hard nose detective and his wise cracking dog. (Not much else to do).

Allison arrives on Tuesday, I'm sure she'll want to rent a car but we'll see. She says she needs some rest, I'm pretty sure she'll get the chance to rest.

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