January 9, 2008

Animation Mentor, the cool kid in Animation Schools

There's a cool article about Animation Mentor and it's growth in popularity. Not that learning how to animate is a popularity contest. Apparently they've gone from 350 students to 700 students. That's some growth for any school. Internet schools are slowly gaining their foothold in the education community I wonder how this one compares to others:

By using the Web, Animation Mentor teachers can prepare lectures ahead of time and the students can access the lectures at their convenience.

"A student can log any time and they can watch the lectures on their own time," Beck said.

Instructors, which the school also call mentors, can work on their own time. Teachers provide students an "e-critique" of the pupil's work. The instructor, using software developed by Animation Mentor, can electronically draw on top of the student's work, making suggested changes.

I'd have to agree with this, with my schedule I don't think I could teach at Animation Mentor unless it was on line, I just can't make the commute to the local Animation Schools out here.

Congratulation Bobby, Shawn, and Carlos on your success.

Full article.


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