January 15, 2008

Pervasive Persuasion

Over the weekend I attended the Pervasive Persuasion panel. It was a panel where Gary Baseman, Simone Legno, and Tim Biskup talked about their work. It was cool hearing Tim Biskup talk about what he thought each of his paintings. My wife was able to capture a video of it, you can see that here:

Here's a picture of me and a graffiti artists that I like. Still don't know his name but, I've seen his stuff all over Culver City, (apparently he's not even from LA, or America for that matter.) His line quality is super sharp and clean it was amazing to see him work. Someone snagged that picture behind us just seconds after we moved away from it. Wish I was that fast.

Anyhoo it was a good time.


Cassidy said...

I don't know the guy's real name, but if the painting behind you is his, then he must be a member of The London Police.

jimiyo said...

im not sure if i 'GET' Tim Biskup's art, but thats cool you got to see him. hey Ethan. thanks for coming to my blog. (did you ask about Ceiling Cat?, it got rejected... so no go on the Ceiling cat tee...) hehe..

anyways.. cool videos on your site. i have to watch them at 1am-4am cause my provider has a 175mb daily bandwidth limit, except for 1-4am.

;j later man!