January 24, 2008


The non-spoiler section:

I was turned off by all the viral marketing for this movie, the trailer was long and boring, but I decided to see it anyway. And I'm glad I did. It's a fun film with 70% less camp then your average Godzilla movie. It is over hyped and if you can't stand hand held cameras then go see 20 Dresses instead. It's a fun monster movie that's done better then most monster moves are done these days. I'd recommend it, but don't expect too much.

The spoiler section:

A suggestions to JJ Abrams, read a book.
Most books introduce an idea and then explore the idea, you don't seem to like to do that. You just introduce an idea then abandon them. For example, when you introduce all little creatures that made your head explode? What was the point? If your going to introduce an idea like that at least explore it. Otherwise you end up with a well animated creature that is easly defeted with a blunt objest, but a mashene gun has no effect. Next time, just stick to the theme of a giant monster attacking a city what's wrong with exploring that idea. Save the little creatures for another film.

Also, I wish Americans could design creatures as well as the Japanese. He didn't look bad he just wasn't as cool looking as he could have been.

BTW if you haven't heard, they've already started the viral marketing for the sequel.

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City Elf said...

ugh, cloverfield disappointed me too. i'm glad i saw it and i loved the little monsters, tho i agree with your assessment.

did you see the host? waaaaaaay better monster, for serious.