September 12, 2005

Cool Shot

So, I got like this really cool shot to do. I really like it, and I don't want to fuck it up. So you probably won't be hearing much from me as I focus on the the shot.

In the meantime check out these cool blogs:


Donnacha Daily's:

Harald Siepermann:

Alfred Jodocus

John Nevarez


Wow, they really make me want to draw more!


Anonymous said...

another good blog, started recently by a pixar animator:

Ethan said...

Thanks for the link, I had not heard of that one.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that must be a cool shot. Whoever gave that to you must be an awesome guy! And generous. And I hear quite handsome.

Ethan said...

Quite hansome, that makes it easer once your faced with the casting couch.

CelĂŁoxxx said...

great !!!