September 15, 2005

Madagascar DVD artwork...again!

New Mad Cover
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Okay, again with the Madagascar DVD artwork. It looks like they've realized that there are indeed four different penguins and they've lightened the beach. Still the same crummy innards though.

I'm looking forward to seeing Corps Bride. What I've seen looks great. Two Stop Motion films this year, that's awesome. Who said that computers would kill the art of stop motion.


Josh Carrollhach said...

Say, I gotta say how much I enjoy your blog. Lots of great stuff here. Keep a'going. I liked Madagascar, too. The monkeys especially... so quick, with great holds.

Corpse Bride and W&G are indeed a treat. I can't wait. I can't imagine what it will like without Henry Selick, but Burton has his thing. I'm primed for W&G, having read a review praising, among other things, the animators' faith to the elasticity of the characters (Chicken Run used stiffer puppets that were not nearly as expressive).

Tomorrow I finally get to see Howl's Moving Castle, too. I've been watching a bunch of the older Ghibli stuff lately. My daughter suffers through my Porco Rosso obscession.


Ethan said...

Thanks for the praise. It's always good to hear people are enjoying my little blog.

I really hope both Corpse Bride and W&G do extremely well. I'd love it if they did better then CG films and there was a new resurgence of stop motion animation. (of course my fondest dream would be that it did so well I could land a job doing stop motion animation, but having no stop motion experience, it would have to do very well)

I did finally see Howl's Moving Castle. With a 13 month old in the house it's difficult to make it to the movies. I enjoyed it quite a bit and I've been meaning to write a review. Hopefully I'll be able to get that done soon.