September 4, 2005

Mad's revised DVD cover

Mad's revised DVD cover
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I don't want to pretend that my little blog has any power to change things. But DremWorks improved it's cover art for the Madagascar DVD. It's much better, not perfect. Now if I could just get them to change the inside. How about those deleted scenes? How about DTS?


melanie said...

Have you noticed that there are 3 Privates on the cover?

Ethan said...

No I didn't. Thanks for pointing that out.

J said...

I'm missing something

Ethan said...

Yha, that wouldn't make sense would it. In Madagascar there were four penguins: Skipper, Rico, Kowalski and Private each had a different personalitys and slightly different looks. Only one of the penguins was short and stupid, the others seemed to know what they were doing, in a crazy 007 kind of way.

If you look at this picture you'll see what I mean:

It looks like the person who designed the new DVD box cover didn't know this. I'm sure they just flipped through the style guide and picked out four happy dancing penguin poses, unfortunately he picked out 3 of the same penguin. Again this is really bad of Dreamworks to approve such an bad design for it's cover. But Dreamworks has been know to create bad poster designs. Example:

This one had James Baxter complaining:

Compare this one to the next one.

Ward Jenkins said...

Yeah, I hate publicity artwork. Those people just don't get it.