October 1, 2005

More Spam

If you see a lot of deleted comments, that's not because someone said something I disagreed with, it's because I've been hit with a lot of spam in my comments area. I'm trying to get rid of them as fast as they come to me. Feel free to comment, and/or disagree, I'm open to discussion, but do not to spam. And if you see a link in the comments field, something that doesn't look like it's really an animation comment, please do not click on it. I do not get paid for anything I write here so you can only hurt me by clicking on it.


Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Brenton said...

I'm just getting into blogging now (well, it's a gallery more than a blog, but it has RSS, comments, and is powered by WordPress). I have not yet had issues with spam, however, WordPress takes a novel approach - the comments must be made my members, who must have their first comment approved before they have posting ability.

I don't know if you have access to a bonafide web host, but I highly reccommend WordPress. It's great fun to use and customize, easily extensible, and backed by an active community of coders and troubleshooters. It is definitely worth the step up.