October 4, 2005


You were talking to your friend at Resfest waiting for the second screening of Cinema Electronica to start. I was the nerdy one with the Harry Potter book also waiting for the show to start. You were talking about uploading your latest homework and about Jason's grease pencil tool. I was sitting next to you. You asked something about the mentors. Before I turn and say hello, the show stared.

I hope you got your homework uploaded.

Explenation: (In Seattle, in the newspapers have a persanalls collum for people who see other people and would have liked to say hello, but for some reason or other didn't get a chance to. The collum was there to help those people get a second chance. I'm not trying to pick up on anyone here, but I thought they style was appropreate for this.)

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tiana said...

Post it on Craig's List's Missed Connections board.