November 7, 2005

Good news everybody! Animated films are becoming move violent!

Sorry guys, I'm feeling a bit angry this morning and I decided to take it out on this article that popped up on Animated News. Really, this is a bit of un-news in my opinion. The article is a bunch of BS. (Actually, I think that the ratings system is but that's another story BS.) Even the article admits that cartoons have always contained a lot of violence. Hell that's what made them so good, everyone wants to see Goofy get the crap beaten out of him by his own stupidity. Even so, I almost wet myself when I read this line kuzz I was laughing so hard:

Glickman said the MPAA ratings system is "somewhat subjective."

Yha, somewhat subjective, 13 people watch movies all day and decide it's fate. Who are these 13 people, what qualifies them to make this opinion?

I'd like to ignore the MPAA, lord knows that I do when I decide what movies that my family and I watch. But they do end up making my day to day life difficult, so they're kinda hard to ignore. I've seen great storys get thrown out because the story involves someone a gun. Or I've seen great sight gags get tossed because they involve someone getting hit on the head with a mallet.

I know that some parents want to know the content of a film before they let their kids see it, but why does that mean it has to be watered down for the rest of us. There are plenty of resources for parents to choose from to find out about these kinds of ratings. When I was growing up, I remember this family down the street from my house. They would rent movies, and using two VCRs would edit out the parts of the movies that they objected to. I remember trying to watch Ghostbusters with them. They tried to edit out all the "supernatural" stuff out of the movie. They cut out the Stay Puff Marshmellow man for christ sake! The movie was down right disturbing to watch. It's not just crazy people like them. I've seen on TV "Duck Seasoning" edited down. The networks took out the gunshots from the cartoon. They left the aiming and the puff of smoke with the comical results, but they took out the actual "kaboom". Disturbing.


Drew said...

amazing. i'd hate to see what kind of movie would get a positive review from some of these people. i think that's what they make nick jr. for. up until the printing press and widespread literacy, there was no such thing as childhood. i'd hate to think what their review would be of something like oliver twist or tom sawyer...


mac said...

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