November 14, 2005


It looks like the Madagascar DVD is coming out tomorrow. It also looks like they've added a bit more extras to it. Most of those extras seem to focus on the "I like to Move it Movie it" song that was stuck in my head for about six months of production. I remember singing this song to my daughter a lot for the first two months of her life. Mostly when I was learning to change her diapers. It's not that I especially liked the song, it just stuck there like a sticky thing. I hope they added the deleted scenes to the extras list. Like I said, they cut a lot of stuff from this film during production, there were a few cuts that I didn't like but most cuts were for the better. A lot of my shots got cut ane they were all cut for better. It's not that I did a bad job on those shots, they just came up with better stuff while I was working on them. I hated to see my hard work go away so I'd like to see them on DVD.

One other thing, there's also a new Open Season Trailer. I hate to even mention it, the trailer isn't that good. I think the film is going to be good when it's done and I can't wait to see the reaction it gets. I suspect that this trailer was put together to attract a more teenage crowd, it has a pop-song sensibility to it. But it does give away a lot of good jokes. Those jokes are good in the film, but not so good in the trailer. I recommend not looking at it and waiting for the real thing.

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