November 23, 2005

Just Draw

I saw this quote the other day and liked it:

"All Artists are willing to suffer for their work. But why are so few prepared to learn how to Draw?" -Banksy

Over and over again I get asked the same question, it comes phrased in many different ways. But it's allwase the same question: "Is it easer to animate on a computer because you don't have to draw?"

WTF? I love to draw, I've probably spent what accumulates to years in life drawing classes. I know that's not enough. As my old teacher and guru: Cory Cole used to tell me: "You draw, and draw, and draw, and draw and draw and draw and draw. Then after that you draw some more, and draw, and draw, then you draw some more. After your done with that you draw even more. Then you draw and draw. When your done drawing you draw more. You draw more after that. Then you draw, and draw and draw. And then, you die."

I would encourage all of you to draw as much as possible. It will help your animation. Don't just draw from imagination, but draw from life as well. Draw as often as possible. Draw even if you "can't" or especally if you "don't know how to draw". Buy a sketchbook. Use it. Draw every day, after your done drawing draw some more. If you can't think of something to draw, start drawing something and it will come to you. Draw early, draw often.

Just draw.


Emanuele Pavarotti said...

YEEEEEEAH! Keep drawing!

Jeremy Bernstein said...

Beautifully said Ethan. Amen brother.

Bobby Chiu said...

Very nice quote. I wonder that too sometimes...

Merry Christmas!

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PEPE said...

"But why are so few prepared to learn how to Draw?"

yes I agree draw like a mad man but most forget the above!! your teacher was talking to students. most artist forget we are students for life!

when can we see your goodness?!!please post some of your stuff if possible, my good man!!

Alex M. Lehmann said...

Will do =)

myung said...

and then you DIE! lol
yep i luv doing 10 secs poses~