November 10, 2005


Last night was Wednesday, and as some of you readers may remember that Wednesday is Allison and my Date Night. I know this is terribly strange concept to all of you single swinging readers, but those other readers, the ones with kids, you understand. Don't you? Just lie and say you do, I can take it.

Anyhoo, Allison's one request last night was to see a movie with: and I quote "Real People in it." I guess watching cartoons wasn't that romantic. So we ended up seeing Jarhead.

What, isn't Jarhead romantic?

Well you see, Allison wanted to see something like Elizabeth Town or Derailed. But because Derailed wasn't out yet and we couldn't find a theater near us that was playing Elizabeth Town we ended up at Jarhead. I win again! Okay it's not a cartoon but it's defenetly a guy flick.

The first Gulf War was the war that was the war that was going on when I was growing up, so it's the one, like it or not, I identify the most with. Also Anthony Swofford, the author of the autobiography that the movie is based on was asked several times to be on This American Life. He has a great way of describing the current Gulf War. These two things, pluss the fact that it was directed by Sam Mendes peeked my interest, so I had to see it.

I have to say, that's one good movie. If your even remotely interested in this film go see it. The characters are solid, the situation is one that I can relate to. It has a really good story, which isn't common for an autobiographical kind of film. You can't really change what happens in someones life so it's difficult to work in a character ark, but this one had it, and it was pretty solid. Visually it's very good too, it's worth seeing on a big screen.


Hokie Explorer said...

Agreed, it is an excellent movie. I've found that the people who do not like the movie tend to be people who were expecting some sort of Band of Brothers or Saving Private Ryan action movie and Jarhead is just not one of those. The movie does an excellent job at getting its message across.

LOOCH said...

Firt of all, I understand date night. And I'm glad you posted a review because it's my turn to pick (movie that is)! Chicken Little can wait...

Jerseykids said...

totally understand date night, althoguh we have no kids(yet) we make sure to ahve a date night at least once or every other week. with david's schedule of hell(his words not mine), it's not easy.

anyway, i am interested in seeing this. but i chose to wait until dvd. my cousin jason(you may remember him only as a little kid) is in iraq on his second tour of duty. from what he has told me, i have not liked, and i come from a military family. jason was happy to what he called"finally seeing some action" during his first tour. when he came back he was fucked up. my dad and popo(dad's ret lt. col army, popo's ret mstr srgt) both said that he should not go back. he was talked into it by his jarhead "buddys". jason's a combat medic in the navy, but stationed with the marines since they do not have their own medics. we were all pissed that he went again. daddy and popo both told him that if he were in their command, he wouldn't ahve gone. now i pray he gets back safely in april. he patrols the streets in the cities and villages with the marines, one of the more dangerous jobs out there.

i'll see it on dvd, it looks like an amazing film. i'm sure jason will see it when he gets back, after he gets the help he needs.