July 20, 2018

Animation Breakdowns

Check out this awesome blog entry by Tim Rudder showing how different animators used spacing to break up actions:

Mindbender is a great little studio in Sweden, they do great work making CG rigs look more like stop-motion rigs. I've been looking at their latest animation. It's great to step through, using multiples and pops. Just shows what you can do when you stop thinking of the rigs when you sculpt every frame. Would love to get my hands on that rig.

Look at their latest work:

The Food Thief - Teaser Shot from Mindbender on Vimeo.

The rig they used:

The Food Thief RIGG - Technical breakdown. from Mindbender on Vimeo.

The animatic:

The Food Thief - Animatic from Olov Burman on Vimeo.

Previous work:

Meindbender Showreel 2010 from Mindbender on Vimeo.

The Duplicator Rigg from Mindbender on Vimeo.
Really nice Twin Peaks animation from The Black Lodge:


July 19, 2018

DisneyToons and Beyond

DisneyToon Studios has closed down. This place was home to me for the last seven years. I worked as an Animation Supervisor. It was a great job, worked with a lot of great and talented people.

It was a pretty unique situation. I was working directly with a lot of talented people I normally wouldn't have access to. There was a lot of access to a lot of training programs and talent development (boy howdy did I take advantage of that).  I was involved with a lot of talent development, working with studios all over the world. I also worked on developing characters, story and of course as Animation Supervisor I supervised a lot of animation.

It was a unique experience. I learned a lot. The studio produced 47 film including The Goofy Movie (Film still doesn't get the credit it deserves). I was disappointed to see it go.

I have a new website, you can find it here:

I'm going to keep this blog, in fact I'm going to update it more often. I'm also planning on looking into Artela it's something I've been interested in but never had the time for. Looking forward to what's next.

August 14, 2014

Welcome Dan & Kat Listeners

Hello all you listeners to the Dan & Kat podcast.
This is my animation blog. I try and update it as often as I can, that is to say not very often, but I do the best I can.

If you have any questions about animation or how to be an animator feel free to leave a comment or contact me through Google+ and the Twitters

If you are interested in books on animation here is my recommended reading list:

December 4, 2012

Slow motion Cheeta Run.

Cheetahs on the Edge--Director's Cut from Gregory Wilson on Vimeo.

Very cool look at a the fastest land animal on earth. Notice how still and steady his head is. Helps him see his pray. Very cool.

October 7, 2012