April 28, 2006

Richard's The Thief and the Cobbler on You Tube!

Holly CR@POLA! Someone put the original, never finish Richard Williams version of The Thief and the Cobbler up on You Tube. Well..it's the cobbled together version of the film never have being finished. Disney said that they were going to release a DVD of this film as an unfinished masterpiece. But Disney doesn't appear to be doing this anytime soon. I would imagine that Disney would try and shut this down so see it while you can. It's cut into parts so it could be played on the web of course. Some truly great animators worked on this film. IMHOP everyone should check this out. Keep in mind this production was done over the span of around 26 years. There's no CG Animation in this, all those mad camera moves are done by hand. Crazy!

If Video doesn't work, go here:



April 12, 2006

Briges talks about Surf's Up

Jeff Bridges talks to the Sci-Fi channel about the next project I'm working on: "Surf's Up"


April 7, 2006


It looks like the Colorado Bow Hunting newsgroup has seen the trailer for "Open Season" and have objected. People who refer to themselves as: Hoytslayer, Elk Scat, and Rooter object to the "redneck stereotypes" depicted in the trailer. It's enough irony to make your head spin off.


April 4, 2006

Open Season in Japanese

Check out the new Japanese Open Season Trailer:


Better link, but with loud annoying flash:
Click on the top log on the left, then after the anoying flash intor click on the second log down on your right.

Pidgeon Podcast

Most of you know that Jeff Pidgeon has a kick ass blog.

But I just found out today that he's got a podcast too. Check it out.