April 8, 2005

Animation Mentor and Denmark Announcement

I have to say that Animation Mentor has turned out to be a lot better then I expected. And I was expecting it to be really good. The variety of students and their work is inspiring. There's a bunch of stop motion students, some traditional sstudents as the computer students. I really like the way the classes focus on the basics. I look forward to logging in each day.

Also teaching has given me such a buzz. I've made a few comments to students work. And to my surprise it actually made the students work look better!

Also, unrelated to Animation Mentor, I was invited to teach a class on lipsink at: The Animation Workshop at the University College of Western Denmark. So it looks like I'll be going to Viborg, Denmark in May. I'll post some of my lipsink notes here as soon. Hopefully I'll be able to post some video examples. I'll also be posting pictures of my class and the whole Denmark trip. I'm looking forward to it. To find out more about the school go here:


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jason said...

coool!! have a great time! :)