April 7, 2006


It looks like the Colorado Bow Hunting newsgroup has seen the trailer for "Open Season" and have objected. People who refer to themselves as: Hoytslayer, Elk Scat, and Rooter object to the "redneck stereotypes" depicted in the trailer. It's enough irony to make your head spin off.



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Anonymous said...

I will crush their souls if anyone comes near this movie. When did people get so uptight, and when did stereotype taken on such a negative connotation?

All they're saying is "I totally identified with the behaviors you animated." I'd consider it a compliment!

Anonymous said...

Not sure what to think, I have read most of the comments on that bow page, and yes the negative stereotypes are sad to portray all hunters as drunks that shoot everything when that is not the case. I guess that’s why the bow hunters are edgy. There are heavy restrictions, fines and regulars for harvesting wildlife illegally and frowned upon by honest hunters. I like animation, I animate and I also hunt and fish. I would consider that hunters and fisherman are your biggest environmentalists in any state. If you feel other wise than please find your local game fish and parks web site or authority and find out how much hunters and fishermen have provided to the preservation of our forests and wildlife. The Financial Statements are astounding. Colorado received $61 Million + from hunters and fisherman, I guess that explains a lot to me. Most of this money is returned to the state for the preservation of forests and wildlife. I am not sure if any other group has done so much for wildlife. I for one would rather harvest my own food than by it from a super market or disassembly plant.

“2000 Financial Statements” (Colorado Division of Wildlife)

Source Prior Year Actual/FY 99-00Actual

License Revenue:$61,904,202/$55,059,586

Federal Aid:12,797,315/13,109,633


Federal & Other
Grants & Donations
Other Wildlife:4,415,984/11,328,785

Cash Less Interest:1,577,417/3,615,360

Total $85,264,187/$87,802,935

2002-2003 Financial report:

Let me know if this is over the edge? I though it would be keen to educate some city folk. I take no sides I like facts myself.

Ethan said...

I'm sure hunters do great things for the environment and all that. I wasn't saying they don't. I was just pointing out the irony of someone who complains about hunter stereotypes but refers to themselves as Rooter. I'd do the same thing to a hippy who complains about "hippy stereotypes" but has long hair, tie-died shirt, filthy corduroys and a joint stuck in his mouth.

Anonymous said...

Are you calling me a hippy?

Just kiddin'! Lol

Anyway, I just got excepted to be an apprentice for the Animation Mentor school and noticed your post and I thought I would drop a line. I think stereotypes are dangerous, but for the most part fit very true at times.

How do you like school so far? I need to enroll before June 23 and wanted to know more. So far the reels are looking great! Good work fellas! Do we get to pick our own dialogue for the acting classes?