June 29, 2007

The Hard Sell

The Hard Sell 2
So you might notice this isn't an animation related post, but it's my blog so I can do what I want:)

Over the weekend I got to see DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist do their thing with 45's A few years ago these guys got together for a concert called "The Brain Freeze". A CD and a DVD was made of this concert, unfortunately a soundboard recording was never made and only a crappy audience copy exists. But better then noting this CD is really amazing. The DJ's restrict themselves to only origanally pressed 45 records, these spin faster then full size records and are limited in selection. When I heard they were going to do that again I jumped at the chance at seeing them live.

This concert was called "The Hard Sell," it wasn't as good as Brain Freeze but it was definitely enjoyable. I took a couple videos and posted them on You Tube. After I posted them I found other people had videos that looked better then mine. I used a crappy point and shoot camera that kept changing focus (it was too dark for it to focus on anything). But it should give you some idea what the concert was like.

My Video 1:

My Video 2, this one was great they DJs pulled out portable turntables and strapped them around like guitars and walked around scratching like it was an electric guitar solo:

Better Look Part 1

Better Look Part 2


Unknown said...

any chance you could share that audience recording of it with us at solesides?

let me know

Anonymous said...

Cool. I thought the in-an-out focus added a little artisty to the piece. Enjoyed it.