March 10, 2008

Another Famous Canadian

It looks as though the space station is getting a robot. I think I should make some sort of Wall-E reference, but even that's a stretch, this really isn't an animation post, I just think it's cool:

"Now I wouldn't go as far to say that we're worried it's going to go run amok and take over the space station or turn evil or anything because we all know how it's operated and it doesn't have a lot of its own intelligence," Reisman told The Associated Press last week.

"But I'll tell you something ... He's enormous and to see him with his giant arms, it is a little scary. It's a little monstrous, it is.";_ylt=AkWeaA6I3uY.IetvFEYq6LwEtbAF

Again I'd like to welcome our future robot overlords to our humble planet.

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