June 5, 2008

The Animation Survival Kit DVD

It looks like the Richard Williams book "The Animation Survival Kit" is being turned into a DVD. A trailer for the DVD just hit the tube:

Here's the website: http://www.theanimatorssurvivalkit.com/ It doesn't say when the DVD will be coming out, I guess we'll have to wait tell next week to find out.

I think the idea of a DVD is promising. The book is excellent, but it's hard to show moving examples in a book. I'm hoping that the DVD will be more interactive and will let you see what he's talking about.

The Animation Survival Kit is one of five books that I always recommend that my students get. It's one of the books that I feel should be on every animators bookshelf:

The Animator's Survival Kit

The Illusion of Life: Disney Animation (It's good to see this one is still in print)

Cartoon Animation (The Collector's Series) (I do prefer the tall paperback editions but this volume has all the books together.

Timing for Animation(This is a must read for any animator.)

Animation: From Script to Screen (I put this one on the list because of Chapter 3 where he talks about getting into the animators state of mind.)

There are many others that are good, but these are the five standard ones. If there's something I missed please feel free to leave me feedback.

They've updated their website, it looks like the set will be sold for just under $1000 USD but only if you buy it before November. No word on what region it is or if it's in PAL.

Thanks to Brew for pointing it out.


BeckyBaseball said...

I work for Foyles the exclusive vendor for this wonderful product so I declare my bias straight away but bearing in mind these comments I thought you might like to know that the DVD is region free & that more information about it can be found on the more information click thru on the www.foyles.co.uk/animatorssurvivalkit.asp page.
i hope this is helpful.

Anonymous said...

i just went for the promo screening tonite in Moma in NY. it's really really great, i almost want to buy it, but, after i check the price...no way, i think i'll ask my school buy it.