November 20, 2009

Video Refrence for Fantastic Mr Fox

Here's a interesting look at Wes Anderson doing video reference for Fantastic Mr Fox. I can understand how Wes Anderson wanted to make sure he got the performance that he needed for each take this was probably the best way for him to do that. I've seen video of Nick Park doing the same thing for Chicken Run, although he had his animators do the same thing. I wonder how much of the film Wes acted out, I wouldn't be surprised if he didn't cut the film together three or four times using live action and story boards. He probably felt more comfortable that way and it probably kept Wes off the set when they were shooting the film. Anyone know the budget for this one?

I'm looking forward to seeing this film. I don't care much for the character design but I've really enjoyed Wes Anderson's films up tell now.

If you haven't seen this, this is a great video about Bill Melendez, I include it in this post because it has a great comparison of Bill's work to Wes's work. It's really a must see.

See even more Making Of Stuff here, man I wish I could have worked on this one!


Jerrie Hurd said...

Never heard of him before. Very interesting info. Always wondered who worked on the Peanuts films.

Jet Harrington said...

The Bill Melendez piece is a lovely tribute. As we approach the season to watch the Charlie Brown Christmas movie, I will see it with a newly educated eye. And all the wonder I have always enjoyed it with. Thank you.