December 1, 2009

Great Shot

Check out the first shot in this trailer, it's one of the best moments captured on film in a while:

I love how entertaining it is. How the kid on the left jut goes back to doing his business like he didn't do anything wrong. How old are those kids anyway? I may be getting weak in my fatherhood days but I found that down right entertaining.


Daniel Harris said...

Ha! That's great! Love the last shot too, I didn't expect the baby to be OK with the goat drinking his bath water :-P.

The trailer mentioned something about a year so I guess they're somewhere in that time frame? Looks like the African kid is growing up faster than the other 3 :-P. I think I spotted a few shots where they swapped the baby's around too :-O! Great premise for a doco :-D

Love your blog Ethan!

Ethan said...

Thanks KineticDan.

Ethan said...

Me thinks I should take a class in spelling though.