October 26, 2004

As if I needed another Blog

I have another Blog that I made so that I could have a place to keep some of my animation notes and so that I could meet like minded people. But that blog quickly turned into a dumping ground to post funny things I find on the web with the occasional rant on my life struggles.

Then I came across a bunch of Blogs that focused on animation. (I will post these later.) After seeing these I decided to go back to my original idea and to have a Blog that focused on Animation again. Rather then destroying the original blog, (which I was tempted to do) I was encouraged by my wife to start a new one. This is probably the best idea, start fresh and new.

I will write about my day to day activities as an animator (as much as I can without spilling studio secrets). When I was a student, I wish I had a window into the life of an working animator. I wanted to know what it might be like, I will write with this idea in mind. Also I have a lot of animation notes at my desk, I will be scanning these in and posting them on my blog as often as I can find time to do so.

I decided to keep this blog on Blogspot so that the RSS works and hopefully so it'll be more search able.

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