October 27, 2004

Hello Cartoon Brew Readers

This Blog is not more then day old, still wet and crying, and already it gets mentioned on Cartoon Brew! (Well really it's Chris Harding that gets mentioned.) That's awesome! Welcome, there's not much here yet, but check back later.

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bclark said...

I found your link off of the Brew, I think that blogs could be one of the best things to happen to animation in a while.. ok that might be going a bit far but its great that people can share and link and talk about animation in a very living interactive way.. much like animation in that way.. compared to having some info and just posting it on a website that is slow to update if ever and you really don't get to see any kind of real insite on regular sites compared to blogs.. Think if Frank and Olie would have had a blog going for the last few years that would have been grand. Good luck on the site and thank you for doing it.