July 28, 2005

Mark Dindal's new film: Chicken Little

Check out the new trailers for Chicken Little. As usual, I like the Japanese trailer the best:


I think these new trailers look great. They make me really excited about the pictures.

I've always been a big fan of Mark Dindal. He's directed "Cat's Don't Dance," "The Emperor's New Groove," and now "Chicken Little" I love the other two films and I expect this film to be as good, if not better. I feel for Mark Dindal, every film Mark has worked on there's always been some trouble with the production. In Cat's they wanted to change the cats to ducks halfway through pre-viz. Emperor's New Groove was handed to him as a re-write and in Chicken Little, the main character started off as a girl. But he's always pull them though. I can't wait to see how this one turns out. I also love the snap of his animation. All three films have really snappy timing that's energetic and fun to watch.

I'd like to make a prediction, I think that this film will effect the Disney-Pixar negotiations a lot. I'm not sure how exactly, but I think this film will be very successful and that Disney will feel like they don't need Pixar. Personally, I'd like to see Pixar become it's own distributor. It would be the hard road for Pixar, especially because that would mean that they'd go up against Disney and Dreamworks. Both of those studios have proven that they like to play dirty, but I think they could pull it off. And in the long run they'd be a bigger better studio because of it. But really, what do I know, I'm just pulling all of that out of my ass:)

Really, I hope this turns out to be a winner. It looks great already!


Benjamin De Schrijver said...

You're absolutely right. The Japanese trailer is way superior. It seems like they're making the same mistake again, like they did with Treasure Planet (at least that was a mistake to me): focusing the trailer on the jokes and action. At least the Japanese trailer showed that there were actually going to be real relationships and interesting characters.

- Benjamin

Anonymous said...

Pixar will not become its own distributor, at least not in the near term. Distribution depends on volume. With the infrastructure you have to set up, you need more than half a dozen films a year (possibly as many as a dozen) before you're at a point where it's easy to cover overhead and make distribution cost reasonable.

Pixar is far better off making a deal with an existing distributor, as it would be more cost-effective.

-Mark Mayerson

Ethan said...

Hi Mark, your absolutely right about Pixar and distribution. I know that it's probably impossible for Pixar to distribute it's own films, but I would still like to see them do it:) I would just like to see them become more independent.

Drew said...

it seems that companies that produce feature animation (live action too, but who cares?) are their own worst enemies when they make trailers. they tend to ruin their own jokes by giving them away out of context in the trailer. then watching the film is like going thru a mental checklist of the trailer. not a good way to watch a movie.

like benjamin said, the characters seem really interesting and i wouldn't have gotten that from the american version. i'm still skeptical of disney's exclusive CG efforts, but it does look promising.

referring to an earlier post (shut up and animate) glen keane is coming to our school in CO (tenatively) and i'm curious to pick his brain about his feelings on CG. Anyway, great topic, Ethan.

Ethan said...

Hi Drew, yes please do. I hope that his technique turns out to be good, I really do. I'm just skeptical, because of his approach.