July 5, 2005

PJ's King Kong Trailer

Wow, I mean wow. To be honest, I wasn't to excited about this movie before. I mean, so a giant ape gets loose in NYC. What new thing can they do with that old idea? Now I know:



Drew said...

i think it's really cool that technology is catching up to the director's vision. it's obvious with the remaking of all of these great old movies. when king kong was originally released, they weren't as convincing at fooling the audience. now they can tell a similar story but can tell it in a more convincing way and have some fun along the way.

even Madagascar seemed to have a sense of heightened maturity in the fact that y'all were able to use classic animation principles like squash and stretch which wasn't always possible in cg.

things are getting really exciting in the field and i'm eager to see where we all will be in 10 years or so.

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